Overlooked options for a healthier diet

Overlooked options for a healthier diet

For those who choose to have a healthier lifestyle by eating the right foods and exercising, the sight of an unhealthy dish may erk them. While there are many reasons to do so, there are actually foods that are healthier than how they appear.

You’ll be surprised at how incredibly healthy some of these foods are, and you might want to treat yourself because it won’t add up to the calorie count. Check out which food Butcher Block Express is talking about! 

Spaghetti and meatballs

Oddly, there are quite a number of people who believe that eating pasta is unhealthy. Looking at how the meatballs are cooked, especially when drenched in oil, you will never believe anyone telling you otherwise.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that spaghetti and a lot of pasta dishes out there are actually healthier than you think. The pasta itself is boiled which means the majority of the dish is not even soaked in oil.

Secondly, meatballs don’t need to be cooked with oil at all. What the professional chefs would do is put the ground meat on the pan and allow the natural water inside the meatballs to cook themselves.

This way, you aren’t getting greasy meatballs and the pasta itself is guaranteed to be healthy no matter what. 


Ever heard of some people telling you ‘Lay off the coffee’. This might sound like real and thoughtful advice, but to tell you the truth, coffee is actually really healthy. Out of a myriad of antioxidants, coffee happens to be one of the most natural and potent types out there. 

While coffee does have its drawbacks like raising people’s adrenaline levels to stay awake, its greatest benefit is actually keeping you healthy. The next time you drink your coffee, put a smile on your face as it’s one of the most beneficial drinks on the planet. 

Chicken breasts

Probably the most obvious one on this list, chicken breasts is actually the healthiest part of the chicken. It has the least amount of fat and calories.

However, chicken breasts are also one of the most undesirable parts of the chicken because they can go dry if not cooked properly. It helps when you know how to cook and complement it with sauces to make it more flavourful.! 

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