Must-try burgers worldwide

Butcher Block Express: Must-try burgers worldwide

Burgers are a widely popular and straightforward meal item to prepare. But where can you get the best one, and what is the secret to turning a handful of minced beef and a loaf of bread into a delectable treat? Try one of the numerous delicious burgers that are available all around the globe right here at Butcher Block Express.


In its most basic form, a cheeseburger is just a hamburger with a slice of cheese on top of it. Originally, American cheese was used, but later on, Swiss and Cheddar cheese and a variety of blue cheeses were combined to produce this delectable sandwich. The origins of the cheeseburger, like many other well-known cuisines, are a bit clouded in mystery. 

Keep in mind that making hamburgers with cheese did not become popular until the mid-1920s, and there are various rival claims as to who invented the first cheeseburger.

Salisbury steak

Salisbury steak, a savoury burger first served in the late 1800s, was devised. It was given this name in honour of its founder, James Henry Salisbury, a well-known American physician. The result of over three decades of nutritional research was meat patties composed of minced beef that served as the cornerstone for his diet prescription. 

When Salisbury steak first debuted, the sheer look of a patty made completely of minced beef piqued people’s interest.

Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy, which has been designated one of Time’s 17 Most Influential Burgers, is a contemporary spin on a classic with its melted cheese sandwiched between two patties of beef. Lucy with cheese has long been a mainstay of the Minneapolis food scene, but consuming it without searing your tongue takes a certain amount of finesse.

Chilli burger

In addition to being eaten on its own, the chilli con Carne may be used to spice up a hamburger version known as a “chilli burger” when served separately. The hamburger is often served open-faced, with cheese and onions on top, and fries are usually included as an accompaniment.

Onion burger

The onion burger is made by chopping thin onion slices and mixing them with a beef patty. Together, sauté the beef and onions for about an hour, or until the onions are caramelised and crispy, and the meat is cooked through. Aside from the burger itself, pickles, mustard, and mayonnaise are all frequent additions to the burger, served on soft and fluffy buns.

Bison burger

Bison burgers are a kind of American burger produced using bison meat sourced from North America. In certain circles, bison meat is wrongly referred to as “buffalo meat,” a phrase designated for the flesh of other animals such as African buffalo and water buffalo rather than bison.

Ramen burger

Instead of utilising typical hamburger buns, the ramen burger uses two deep-fried ramen noodle buns. Arugula and onions are often placed on top of the beef patty, covered with shoyu sauce for a more elegant presentation. Keizo Shimamoto, a ramen blogger, developed the dish, first-served in Brooklyn in 2013.

Rice burger

Known in Japan as the rice burger, it is a variation on the ubiquitous hamburger, one of the most popular fast food dishes globally. Traditional Japanese wheat buns are replaced in this lunch with pressed rice patties prepared from plain rice, eggs, and cornstarch. 

By pan-frying or grilling the patties, you may create a firm shell that holds the rest of the ingredients together. Instead, a variety of unique and regional products and cuisines may be used in the filling, which is not usually the case with traditional hamburgers.

Slide burger

The slider isn’t simply a little hamburger but rather a particularly unique kind of culinary item. It begins by smashing a little ball of ground beef till it’s extremely thin on a well-oiled grill. This is followed by sautéing onions in with it as it cooks. 

Another layer of flavour-absorbing components is placed on the meat before being turned over and steamed with the meat to complete the sandwich. 

Pastrami burger

Sandwich made with a beef patty on sesame seed bread topped with pastrami, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, sweet relish, and onion powder. The sesame seed bread is stuffed with a beef patty and topped with pastrami, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, and onion. 

The burger was created by James Katsanevas, a Greek-born restaurant in Anaheim, California, and first served to the world in the early 1970s.

Australian burger

In the 1940s, beetroot was first used in a hamburger, and it has since become a staple in many Australian pubs and restaurants and several coffee shops. Following the establishment of two canneries in the 1930s and 1940s, it became possible to use canned beetroot in burgers. 

Keep in mind that Beetroot is still a divisive subject in today’s society, with some believing that it should be mandatory and others claiming that it is a complete farce.

Bicky burger

Burger in the style of a Belgian Known as a bicky in Belgium and the Netherlands is a sesame seed-topped sesame seed bun that is filled with deep-fried patties prepared from a mixture of pig, chicken, and horse meat. 

There are pickles, fried onions, ketchup, spicy sauce, and a special dressing made from cucumbers and onions as well as cabbage, cauliflower, and mustard that are all included in the burger.

Slopper burger

A slopper is a hamburger or cheeseburger on a grilled bread drowned with red or green chilli. Toppings such as french fries, avocados, and onions are often used to dress up this dish. 

The burger may be served in various ways, including with bread on both the top and bottom. They may be served closed-faced or open-faced and are commonly eaten with a knife and fork.

Chimichurri burger

Chimichurri is a Dominican hamburger in which the beef patty is flavoured with oregano, garlic, parsley, and red pepper flakes, among other ingredients, to create a flavorful and flavorful dish. This burger is typically bought from street food vendors rather than prepared at home. 

Most burgers are served on a bun with various toppings, including mayonnaise, chopped cabbage, and onions, and Chimichurri is no exception. 

Luther burger

A single serving of Luther burger has about 1000 calories and 45 grams of fat, making it one of the unhealthiest burgers available on the market today. The flavour of the burger and the uncommon combination of components more than makeup for it. 

An iced sugar-glazed doughnut is substituted for the traditional bun. And most of the time, a Luther is often served without any additional vegetables or sauces on the side.


A bun or a bread roll is used to hold the thick beef patty used in this traditional Danish hamburger. In addition to pickles and onions, rémoulade, ketchup and mustard are also popular condiments for this meal. 

As a result of its widespread popularity, the burger has also developed into a unique Jutland variety. The whole hamburger is drenched in brown gravy before being given as a side dish to guests.

Kiwi burger

The Kiwiburger is made out of a beef patty, an egg, beetroot, and onions, all of which are served on a toasted bun with various condiments such as tomato, lettuce, cheese, mustard, and ketchup. Burger creator Bryan Old came up with the concept for the burger as a nod to the classic New Zealand hamburger of yesteryear.

Chinese hamburger

The Chinese burger, also known as rou Jia mo, is a kind of burger that originated in the region of Shaanxi and is popular across China. The majority of the dish comprises steamed buns (bai ji mo) filled with braised pig belly. 

Most of the time, pig belly is cooked with a combination of onions, ginger, hot peppers, sugar, soy sauce, various spices, and Shaoxing wine, among other ingredients.

Slug burger

The Slugburger, which originated in Corinth, Mississippi, is considered an American burger classic. On the other hand, this cuisine is not derived from slugs but rather from blending ground beef with fillers like potato flour or soybeans that were prevalent during the Great Depression.

Deep-fried burger

The first deep-fried burger in the United States was served at Dyer’s in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1939. Hamburger buns, yellow mustard, and dill pickles are all made from 100% beef Tallow, and the all-Beef Hamburger is made entirely of beef ingredients: hamburger meat, fat, and ingredients.

Green chile cheeseburger

Burgers made with beef patties, and green New Mexico chiles sprinkled on top are known as “Green Chile Cheeseburgers” in New Mexico, and they are made using green New Mexico chiles. 

A slice of American cheese must be melted on top of the burger before being served. This cuisine, which has been popular since the 1950s, is now almost associated with the state of New Mexico.

Pimento cheeseburger

It is well recognised that South Carolina is the home of the pimento cheeseburger, an American cheeseburger cuisine that developed in the region. There are soft burger buns with a pimento cheese spread on top and a side of fries. 

In a small mixing bowl, combine grated cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and pimento peppers to make the pimento spread.

Olive burger

The Olive Burger, which originates in Michigan, is a popular American burger choice. This meal is made out of ground beef with olive oil, white bread, mayonnaise, and green olives, among other ingredients. There are no extra condiments besides olives and mayonnaise on top of the fried beef patties on the burger bun.

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